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How To Order

Please Pre- Order at least 2 FULL Business Days in
Advance. All cakes are customized and made from scratch (no boxed mixes here!). Due to this, orders are limited to 15 a week.   

Layers By Xanthe




3rd person present: layers 

1. arrange in a layer or layers

A Small-batch Bakery based out of Berkeley, CA, Layers by Xanthe focuses on making pastries that engage all of your senses. From Afternoon Tea to Custom Cakes we care about what we do. Never too sweet, each confection is handmade with love by the Pastry Priestess. These are her Layers...

Banana  Chocolate  Caramel  Tart
Whipped Cream
Banana Custard
More Bananas
Chocolate Ganache
Banana Slices
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