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Afternoon Tea

Our Passion for Viennoiserie, Cakes, and Pastry really shine at our High Tea Events. From Savory Galettes, Madelines, Curds, Creams, Croissants  Tarts, and Petit Fours, we go all out!

We offer High Tea & Yoga as well. Our certified Yoga Instructors will lead the group through a 45-60 minute flow. Afterwards you'll join Xanthe for High Tea.

We are also available for all types of Private Events. 

Example Menu

  Viennoiserie  &  Pastry


        Turkey Dijon Puff

     Spinach Feta Turnover

       Mushroom Galette


      Creams & Curds


       Buttermilk Scones

   Brown Butter Madelines

      Seasonal Cremeux

           Curd & Jam

       Whipped Cream



       Seasonal Tartlet

        Seasonal Entremet

            Petit Fours







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